True to my "spiritual roots" my name means "Bringer of Light." The cultural origin is Greek with the inherent meaning of moon. "The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?" Psalm 27:1 NKJV


I love everything Bible – working for its cause, reading it, praying, studying, writing, eating (that's right! Eating it! lol You'll figure that out later). I like to read faith blogs, magazines, books, live in GOD moments and watch movies with quality substance. To me, nothing is better than having a world on FIRE for JESUS!


In my spare time, I do like to travel, read health and cooking magazines, girlfriend chats at Starbucks, walking the beautiful shorelines of Lake Ontario, and togetherness times with my family in Ontario and Manitoba.


Oh, and I’m pretty much a happy cook, baker, mom, wife, friend but I prefer eating out at Mandarin and Sotiris. I like to spiralize zucchini dishes and juice up organic vegetable drinks. I like electric mixers over chop sticks and I’ve been known to leave my grocery list, on my cell, at home. I enjoy mall walks, trail hikes, swimming, fishing, and camping, skating, tobogganing, winter, spring, summer and fall!! And I'm a snow-a-holic! I've had this problem ever since I saw my first snowflake! But hey, we all have something we like lots of, eh?! 


What are my hopes and dreams? To fulfill my Father's dream of Tidal Wave Drama Company at the expense of His Son. Resting in His faith so He can accomplish everything through it! One day, I’d love to see our school become a stellar contribution in society; to stand to be involved with promoting spiritual education and resources that connect people with the love and faith of Jesus. He is a real person and heaven is a real place and bible faith IS contagious! And God permitting, we will do so! Glory be to our God!






Discipleship Through Community Theatre

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