High Impact TELEGRAM: Seek first His kingdom and righteousness! Matthew 6:33


In the face of technology, social media has exploded on to the marketplace. We have the ability to connect instantaneously around the world. It truly is amazing! In many ways - brilliant! And FUN!

We send out telegrams to ‘Tele-Truth’


Here's an excerpt from Light and Lamb Productions Studio: On Timely Telegrams with Edward (host) and Jhamil (guest):

Edward: So why a telegram? It's ancient technology. It's irrelevant for today.


Jhamil: Is it? What about "singing telegrams?" What about "Christ-centered drama telegrams?" How about hearing from the One who IS truth. Speaks only truth. Died for truth. Fought for the freedom of truth, as opposed to the freedom of speech.


Edward: Who, Jesus? Did He really fight for truth or was He just another religion? He let other religions follow in their customs and traditions.


Jhamil: He did! Was it true what they said about our God? The Almighty God. The possessor of heaven and earth. The everlasting God, the Great God, the Living God, the Merciful God. Nope. Jesus fought the good fight of faith, and taught us how to do the same. If you believe in God who is Truth, Justice, Righteousness and Perfection, you will seek Him. When you find Him, you will hunger for more of Him. Jesus said, "Have faith in God." Mark 11:22

Edward: Okay then, folks, there you have it. There is half-truths, religious truths, man-made truths, but real truth can shine! Jhamil, thank you for being our guest today. I can see how telegrams can be meaningful for us today. God Bless you sir.

TELE-TRUTH: You must regularly ask and it will be given to you, you must continually seek and you will find, you must knock habitually and it will be opened to you: for everyone who asks takes and the one who seeks finds, and it will be opened for the one who knocks. Matthew 7:7,8 ONMB


There are many voices out there today! Coming from internet, instagram, twitter, face book, selfies, texting, and so on. We may spend more time documenting our lives than living them. And more time pleasing others, rather than pleasing God!



We simply cannot live the standards of Christ apart from getting intimately acquainted with Him.


Our telegrams are designed to challenge you to be a kingdom seeker. Find freedom in His truth. To apply your heart to His wisdom. To hear His voice and to be led by the Holy Spirit. Even when we think we know, or have done the same type of thing many times, we can  acknowledge Him first in every day.


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